1/6 DMS Boots

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Boots, Ankle lengths DMS (DMS Boots)-- a pair of boots that replaced the Boots, ankle, General Service (BGS) also known as Ammunition Boots(Ammo Boots) during 1958 was the standard issued boots for the British Armed Forces. Just like the Ammo Boots, the DMS Boots were designed to be hard-wearing and long-lasting rather than comfortable.

DMS, meaning Directly moulded sole uses a hard-rubber moulded sole instead of leather. sipposingly giving the wearer more grip and less maintenance work. Apart from the sole, the boots look almost identical to the Ammo boots.

The boots were used by many servicemen and women for almost two decades and was used in barracks, training exercise, parades and in deployments. After the Falklands War, the Military realised that ankle lengths boot, puttee and gaiters were starting to become obsolete. During the late 80s and early 90s, the boots were finally replaced by its calf lengths counterparts. 

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